Sixth Grade Metric Measure

I started with the idea of students capturing photos of their work with a digital scale and classroom objects. It extended to homework online on my math class blog through a Voicethread question and answer assignment. We ended up collaborating with a group of sixth grade students in Canada. My students and the Canadian students checked each others work.

Second Grade Letters to Soldiers

This project started with the students writing letters to soldiers. The teacher thought it would be fun to share the letters with the student's families and asked if we could scan them. After they were scanned, we needed a place to store the files. We set up an ad-free education wiki through We thought it would be fun to hear the students voices. The teacher sent the students to the computer lab one at a time to record their voice. I gave the second grade teacher a CD with all the scanned images and voice recordings. She added them to the wiki pages. The teacher was able to post the soldiers responses on the web page, too.

Eighth Grade Time Travel Agents

The eighth grade is able to work in groups of three to create an imaginary presentation as a time travel agent back to another decade. The students are required to build their digital citizenship skills in creating link backs for all images used in the presentation. They practice finding images licensed as Creative Commons or Public Domain.

Seventh Grade QR Christmas Card Exchange

This project was initiated by a group of teachers in Australia, Ireland, and the United States. Students created electronic Christmas greetings. The classes created a QR code that could be placed on a physical card and scanned by a cell phone or web camera. The work was posted to an Edmodo group, a Google Plus page, and a Facebook page. The video is stored on our school podcast channel:

Fifth Grade The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Movie

The fifth grade students each learned a stanza of the poem. Their teacher wanted to allow all family members to see their good work. The students took turns coming to the computer lab to record their portion in iMovie. The teacher had two students create a news room introduction. We posted the video to Vimeo and our school podcast channel.

Second Grade Monster Project

I have helped run this collaborative project for many years. Students draw a monster either on paper or in paint software. They describe their monsters and exchange just their descriptions with partners in another school. The students do their best to re-create the monster. At the end of the project, the students reflect on what they and their partner could have done to describe the monster better.The Spanish teacher wants to do the project in the middle school with a school in Spain. We are still seeking a partner class.

Seventh Grade Spanish Song Parody Video

The Spanish teacher asked the students to find a karaoke music clip and write a song using vocabulary for colors and clothing in 2012. The results were fantastic. The students had a chance to discuss the notion of fair use. Three years later the teacher improved the project with the use of images. Here is an example video.