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This is the shortened link to RCAN Learns: www.tinyurl.com/rcanlearns

This is the direct link to RCAN Learns: https://sites.google.com/a/rcanschools.org/rcan-learns/

ALL individuals MUST begin with The Path Ahead: 1 - Blogging. You are free to choose the path in whatever way you wish under goal number one. You may wish to go through the entire road ahead. Just be certain to complete the transfer task (see site) and a Log Your Progress form each time to complete a transfer task (and the challenge if you choose to do that).
  1. To review the 2014-2015 Pathway
    • Edmodo Intro (September 2014)
    • Formative Assessment Tools (October 2014)
    • Research and Information Fluency (November 2014)
    • Teacher Created Edmodo Groups (January 2015)
    • Google Forms (February 2015)
    • Diigo Bookmarks and RCAN Shared Group (March 2015)
    • Diigo Social Aspects (April 2015)
    • The SAMR Model (April 2015)
  2. To begin The Road Ahead
    • Blogging (September 2015)
    • Copyright Friendly Media (October 2015)
    • Creative Commons
    • Browsers
    • YouTube

This is what the site looks like: